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Kata Kata Bijak Koleksi Kata Bijak

The Star Mansion is broken out into six Asterisms. They are Star, Celestial Premier, Celestial Cereals, Xuanyuan, Maids in Waiting, and the High Judge.  XuanYuan is replaced by the given name of the Yellow Emperor, and these Asterisms are located in the constellations Hydra, Sextans, Vela, Leo, the Lynx, and Leo Minor. Finally, the Chariot mansion is made up of the Chariot, Changsha, Left Linchpin, Right Linchpin, Green Hill, Military Gate, the Master of Constructions, and the House for Musical Instruments.

Each of the twelve Houses controls a different aspect of a person’s life. If a planet falls within a house, it’s a sure bet that that planet is going to have a major influence over that aspect—above and beyond whatever the general tendencies of the person born under that sign might be.

This is a general trait ascribed to Capricorn, based on the position of the Sun. However, the positions of the other planets can counter or sometimes enhance this tendency. Complete horoscopes have to account for all of these elements, using the position of the sun as a starting point.

Many people believe that astrology is about predicting the future;  this is unfortunate, for such a simplistic view leaves out the most relevant factor how each individual reacts and responds to each event in his or her life.  To look at predictions for your future, and to become aware of your own ability to affect positive changes, is an amazing blessing and source of strength!

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