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Successful Businessman Shares Their Stories in These Books

When you think about successful business, you may also think about the man behind the gun. Yep, they’re businessmen or CEOs who run through the business. They started from small business, then faced too much obstacles, got broke, betrayed by their partners, and so many problems back then. Now, they’re enjoying their life and write some books to inspire people.

Want to get inspired by these businessman’s books? Let’s get down!

World Order by Henry Kissinger
This New York Time Bestseller is indispensable reading. If you like reading about culture and history, you might love this book. Kissinger reminds us of the only path forward, if we are to defend our principles, we must set out to prove them. Can’t agree more.

The Speed of Trust: The One That Changes Everything by Stephen Covey
If you’re running a start-up company, this book belongs to you. Covey pointed that speed in start-up company is everything. Because you have to compete with the legacy companies and in some cases, you have to make critical decision.

Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error by Kathryn Schulz
This book is an easy read type of reading. Schulz pointed on the most critical issues for all decision makers, understands how we form opinions. She also discusses how to revise opinions when new information becomes available.

Only The Paranoid Survive: How to Exploit the Crisis Points That Challenge Every Company by Andy Grove
Founder and former CEO of Intel will give you guidance to every leader when facing sudden change in their companies. He also shares how these moments can be the most valuable opportunities to a company.

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