5 Biggest and Most Influential Cosmetics Trademark Indonesia

 Currently, there are at least 5 biggest cosmetic trademark Indonesia that are most influential in the country's beauty industry. These 5 brands come with a tagline, unique color, and other identities that catch people’s minds. What are those brands and how strong their trademark is?

5 Cosmetics Trademark Indonesia You Should Know

1. Wardah Cosmetics

The first one from a cosmetic trademark, “Wardah” that is owned and belonged to PT Paragon Technology and Innovation. Wardah is very well-known for its trademark tagline “Inspiring Beauty” and “Halal Cosmetics”. Until this writing is released, there is no other cosmetic brand that uses any phrase related to Halal, even though it is labeled as Halal cosmetics.

Wardah is also known for having a trademark color, some blue and green-ish tone which also become their characteristics. The color is so unique, that most people even refer to it as “blue wardah color”.

2. Make Over Cosmetics

Also coming from PT Paragon Technology and Innovation, Make Over Cosmetics is an Indonesia trademark cosmetic that use elegant and international-type-cosmetics designs. This is what makes most people misunderstood the Make Over Cosmetics as an international brand instead of a local brand.

3. Emina Cosmetics

Still coming from PT Paragon Technology and Innovation, Emina cosmetics is a trademark for teenage beauty products that are made and legitimately registered by the same company. Emina Cosmetics is also very well known for its trademark tagline “Cantik itu Simple and Fun” (Cantik is Simple and Fun) that represents their brand well.

Besides Emina, there is no other local brand that uses the trademark of teenage beauty tagline or some sort like that. This somehow caps off the trademark strength PT Paragon Technology and Innovation has in the local cosmetics circle scope. Though, for the record, there has no massive lawsuit of any intellectual property theft around the company.

4. Sariayu Cosmetics

The Sariayu cosmetics is a beauty trademark of Martha Tilaar Group company that has also inspired the influence of the local beauty cosmetics in Indonesia. Their trademark tagline is “kecantikan sempurna secara natural baik dari luar maupun dari dalam” (a perfect beauty comes naturally from outside and inside (human being)) is also very famous in Indonesia beauty world.

Martha Tilaar Group itself is a famous company, and even the public knows its name better than the previous company we talk about (referred to in points 1, 2, and 3).

5. PAC Cosmetics

The last biggest beauty trademark in Indonesia is PAC Cosmetics that also comes from Martha Tilaar Group. Unlike Sariayu Cosmetics, PAC Cosmetics does not have a very famous brand tagline. Yet, internationally PAC cosmetics is better known and more popular.

Some Cosmetics Use Their Creator Name as a Brand

This is one trick most local products do to have a marketing value and trademark value. Most Indonesian artists who produce their cosmetics, use their name as the brand trademark. This is pretty brilliant since they gain two advantages out of one effort. But, there is not much information whether they legitimately register their brand in the DGIP or not.

Those are the 5 biggest Indonesia’s beauty brands and its trademark tagline, philosophy, etc.

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