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The Asterisms of the Well are the Well, the Battle Axe, the South River, the North River, the Celestial Wine Cup, Five Feudal Kings, Accumulated Water, the Pile of Firewood, the Irrigation Official, Water Level, the Four Channels, the Market for Soldiers, the Wild Cockerel, the Grandfather, the Son, the Grandson, the Palace Gate, the Celestial Wolf, the Bow and Arrow, and the Old Man.  All of these stars appear in the Western constellations of Gemini, Canis Minor, Cancer, Gemini, Canis Major, Columba, Monoceros, and Puppis.

The Houses are a separate, concentric circle, like a wheel within a wheel. The Houses are based on the Zodiac, but separate. Think of the circle of houses as a second backdrop. Next, each of the planets, the Sun, and the Moon, are all charted and their positions marked. This, finally, is our foreground.

The Sun is traditionally associated with will and individuality, so the Sun Sign covers the overall tendencies and direction a person has in their life. It covers such things as focus, determination, integrity, and ego. It describes general tendencies in an individual, like "Capricorns are gloomy" or Virgo is very orderly," as well as general predictions, like "Sagittarius should learn tact" and "Pisces should avoid alcohol and drug abuse”.

A main point in astrology is learning how all of these factors coincide with Time when such developments and changes will affect you and your life in the most positive manner.  There is a proper or best time for each and every action and learning about astrology will help you to better understand this sense of timing and put it to the best use.  Whether you choose to begin your journey into astrology by means of the generalized horoscopes in your daily newspaper, or by consulting with a professional astrologer for a reading which is personalized solely for you, this is the best way to look at the subject that whatever the readings say for you, it is not a matter of future events which are carved in stone, but rather like a map which beckons you to navigate it with your own personal abilities.
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