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Mosquito Bite Treatment - Natural Treatment Bites

Mosquito Bite Treatment - Natural Treatment Bites : Who does not know the little animal is very annoying, the little blood suckers. Well, that was always the naughty mosquito bite and suck blood all mate, not only that but the bite marks can leave marks on your skin for days. This bite makes our skin itch, especially when constantly scratched can cause more severe bite wounds.

Buddy knew not that there were an estimated output of about 3500 species of mosquito that many of them did eat human blood. The mosquito requires certain nutrients derived from human blood so that they can continue to survive, especially female. Mosquitoes have a suction device that looks like a needle, which when biting him salivate, nah saliva left on our skin that causes small red bumps called a bump.

Buddy is definitely not like the bump-bump mosquito bite skin. But do not worry because there bebarapa below ways and tips to get rid of mosquito bite bumps.

1. For the first mate can mix two cups of white vinegar into a tub of hot water. pal then soak for about 20 minutes. Hot water plus vinegar helps reduce itching. Furthermore, man can also apply the vinegar using cotton buds to bite still itchy.

2. The second way you can pay using tea waste packaging is also used to reduce itching, which is a way to rub it into the skin in contact with the mosquito bite. The content of tannins that are still in the tea can be used to fight allergies.

3. The third way you can pay using tea tree oil to rub on the bite. Buddy tree oil can get in pharmacies or drug stores. Tea tree oil works as an antiseptic and antibiotic effective to reduce the itching and stinging.

4. The fourth way my friend can try to put ice on the affected skin itchy bumps or earlier. Icy can make numb for a while. It also can reduce the effects of 'mosquito saliva' which is stored under the skin.

5. Five ways to make the antidote buckwheat may also itch with lavender leaves, basil or bananas. Dampen and mash, apply to the mosquito bite. This method can also repel mosquitoes to bite our skin, because mosquitoes do not like the smell of lavender : Mosquito Bite Treatment - Natural Treatment Bites

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