Natural Tips To Treat Skin Burned

Skin is an organ of the human body parts the outer skin which has a very important role to protect our body especially protecting the internal organs. Natural Tips To Treat Skin Burned The skin is our body parts Terena direct sunlight, so it needs to be given special treatment. The sun's rays are very harmful to our skin especially with intesnsitas very much and could threaten the aging process happens faster than it should.

As a pal know our beloved country Indonesia is a tropical country where the condition is more often lead us all to get a supply of sunlight compared to other countries that have four seasons for example. Sunburn can cause skin burns, so our skin so it looks red and feels hot spserti burning especially if we run out sunbathing beach. This results in the skin being peeled off and eventually leave a mark, and certainly not if the friend does not want his skin burnt by the sun.

If the buddy skin burn from the sun, this time mamen will share tips on how to care and treatment of skin naturally alias without any chemical mixture as sunburn, so 100% safe for our skin.

Here's how to treat / cure Skin Burned Sunlight naturally result:

1. Treatment / Prevention

Efforts to prevent the skin from burns avoid sunburn is to avoid direct contact with the sun's rays penetrate into the skin of our body. In an effort to protection from direct sun for example by wearing a hat / umbrella, or friend can apply cream Anti-UV to the body berkenana direct sunlight which can be bought at beauty stores or pharmacies.

2. Treatment

A. Treatment with Hydrotherapy (Water Therapy)

Treating skin burns from the sun could do with a bath buddy kanji shower or bath with water and rub the burned skin with starch after bathing. Kanji is a shower bath water by wading in the water starch to get peace. Effect of hydrotherapy can relieve inflammation, relieve heat and itching, but it tends to dry the skin. If my friend bingun how to shower with water starch, is langah-steps:

- Fill tub (large basin) with warm water until it was enough to soak the affected parts.
- Melt the starch with cold water in a small bowl.
- Mix the starch is already melted into a water bath.
- Uninstall all the clothes, go into the water bath.
- With a face towel, wet the parts that are not soaked. Soak for about 20 minutes, but do not rub with a towel.
- After 20 minutes the body dry with a towel and do not use soap to wash your hands though.
- Take a bath twice a day or depending on the circumstances.

B. Tips with Plants.
* Herb purslane leaves

Purslane leaves to taste

How to do:
Take juice of purslane leaves and stick to the skin sunburn after starch bath.

* Herb guava leaves

Chopped 1 cup guava
4 liters of water

How to do: Boil chopped guava advance in 4 liters of water to boiling. Before being used for bathing the cooking water is added to 4 liters of cold water. Note that the water is used only once.

* Potions tomatoes

Tomatoes 1 piece

How to do: Washed tomatoes, sliced ​​thinly. Furthermore, sliced ​​tomatoes placed on the face or skin burns. Do it once a day until the skin returns to normal burning.

Similarly, natural tips how to care and treat skin burn caused by the sun, hopefully useful for all mate. Thanks for you to reading Natural Tips To Treat Skin Burned
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