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4 Success Stories From These Great Womenpreneur

We all know that men dominate the business world. But women are coming strong from behind. They have ingenious insight in some niches like finances, design, architecture, food and beverage, and management.

So, to celebrate International Women’s Day, we want to share some great success stories from female entrepreneur that can inspire you a lot.

Kat Cole
Kat started working when she was 15 years old and carried three jobs before she started earning enough at Hooters. She had to grow up with alcoholic father but fortunately she has mother that taught her about determination and hard work. Hooters gave her experience about business, meeting new people and being you own manager. Today, she is the president of Focus Brands.

Jean Brownhill Lauer
Actually she loved architecture, but her family couldn’t afford to put her through a fancy college. Even she never had a formal education on architecture, she has power and determination to reach her dream. Now she is the founder and owner of Sweeten, a startup that serves as an intermediary between home renovators and contractors.

JK Rowling
Everyone in this world knows her as an author of the mega best-seller books, Harry Potter. But do you know that she had to deal with painful loses in her early age and had to raise a child as a single mother? And her novels were rejected before she caught a break, but she never gave up.

Ursula Burns
She is a New York girl who grew up in Manhattan with a mother who worked two jobs to put her children through school. After Ursula graduated, she got a summer internship at Xerox and now, she is the chairman and CEO of Xerox.

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